Here Lately {written a few weeks ago}

There certainly are those days or even weeks when we all feel like we might not survive our kids. Sometimes I find my mind drifting to that place of wondering how I thought I did anything before I had children. I actually thought I was busy. Maybe I was but I was primarily focused on myself and meeting my own needs. It’s fascinating how my mid forties and children have drastically changed that perspective. In our culture we use the word busy and it is so often thrown around like a badge of honor. The last few weeks I have noticed that we are not so much busy as we are focused on developing the unique qualities of our children. We feel like the task is great which is very well why our world feels and appears busy.  I don’t know about you but the obligation I feel to give each of my children individual attention is intense. I am guessing this happened as our family grew and yet I wanted to believe I would still feel very close to each child and his or her unique qualities.  Most days I am beginning to like what I see in my children. This summer I feel like we have been able to see them each struggle and flourish as individuals. We are seeing progress in their unique interests, gifts and talents and what is most fun is to watch them each cheer on and acknowledge one and other in their ups and downs. I am grateful for the time summer brings to explore as a family. We have been blessed to try many interesting and often challenging adventures I am have watched the boys especially grow in character and strength. Today while driving home from a “friendly” soccer tournament for one U13 son I was thinking of a new perspective for our family. Maybe a new thought process and a great deal more prayer will help me to feel more empowered and strengthened and less depleted and missing my quiet time. So here it is. We are an engaged family. We work to put each other first and we strive to allow each other new opportunities for learning and growth. Being busy just for the sake of busy means nothing but being engaged to connect and grow each of our children in different ways right. We are down to only a few days left of summer and I am doing what I can to cherish all we have done to learn and explore. Here are a few long overdue photos of our recent adventures…

never fear… he loved every minute of it!


Work it girl

Soccer practice up north at the Lodge

Dinner at the Na-Ta-Kah



Fishing lesson from her big brother


Hayden out on the big lake


This kid grew up right before our very eyes this summer. Love his heart and his smile


she sure does work hard to keep up with her brothers!


love the blur caus this kid is always in motion…


a post Broadway show treat…

Our Broadway boy!