Home One Month

Here we are home one month and loving all the many changes we see in Miss Ava.
She is a dream come true and so full of spirit, smiles and joy.
She is a curious babe who loves to watch all the action of our house hold. She does not miss much and shakes with delight when her brothers return home from school.
She has learned to shake her head no and loves to mimic my no no no.
She would rather sit up and we are very grateful for the Bumbo seat where she sits during homework sessions with the boys and during dinner.
Our family so needed Ava and we love her more than we could have ever imagined.
Kissing her smooth soft and chubby cheeks is an all day event and she is held and snuggled more than 
anyone should be. 
She still loves her bottle and really only cries when a bottle is needed.
She sleeps better than any baby we know and we lay her in bed awake quite 
often, allowing her to fall asleep on her own. I told you she was DREAMY!
About the toughest thing we go through is the car seat ordeal.
She is not a car seat fan and even when she falls asleep she does not stay asleep like the boys did when the were babies. 
Ava is thriving and growing. She is learning and changing.
She is communicating and keeping very close eye contact with us, her family.
Thank you God for bringing the perfect child from our hearts into our home.
We are in love with our sassy yet sweet brown eyed baby girl!
Tomorrow marks five weeks home and yet it seems like just yesterday we were 
carrying you off the plane and into the hearts of all who currently love you.
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