Home Study Complete!

Our home study is complete! What a miracle. It feels like a major feat to have made it this far along in the process. Now the agency knows everything there is to know about all five of us. In many respects the process has been easy just tedious and long. With all we do as a busy family, if we can do it anyone can. The boys seem ready to get moving forward. I think the novelty of the idea has worn off and they are wondering what is taking so long. We are partway through the many documents required for the dossier and one of the required documents is the home study. So now we wait to hear from our agency regarding the final word on what the government of Nepal is expecting for the dossier. Then we make many copies, sign our names a zillion times, have everything notarized, ship it to All Gods Children in Portland and wait. The waiting should be short but at this point the Nepal program seems too new to tell.

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  1. Sheila
    Sheila says:

    Thanks for sharing your journe. I am always encouraged by reading about people following God’s lead, even when it seems scary – like “what are we doing?” Saying a special prayer for your little girl that God is preparing for you. XO

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