I can only imagine…

My mornings have become sacred. The boys are off to school and I am left with the aftermath of breakfast dishes, half made beds and endless streams of laundry to fold. As I wander the house completing my morning tasks I am acutely aware of someone missing. She is missing. Now after 18 months of the adoption process it would seem that this waiting business would get easier. Not even close. She is far across an ocean living in very different circumstances. I am now in the stage of waiting that tells me that she needs us. She needs a family who will come for her, embrace her, teach her, love her and remain hers forever. She is loved by God and I have such a strong feeling that she is well cared for even now. Someone is doing all they can to meet her human needs but still I feel this tug at my heart telling me that she is waiting for us. She needs to know her Daddy, the amazing man who is rock steady and loving us all unconditionally each day. She needs to know her brothers. Her big brothers who will have embrace her with all that they are, funny, loving and so silly. She needs to know her extended family, all the characters. Her Aunts and Uncles, her cousins, her amazing Grandparents. Oh there is so much I am simply dying to show her over time. The truth is I can only imagine having her in my daily world. I can only imagine kissing her little cheeks and showing her the world as I strive to live for others. I can only imagine the day I see her and hold her on Ethiopian ground. Everyday I wonder how we will handle all the details of adding her to our family but then God’s quiet voice reminds me that He is the voice of truth and we are ready to do this. We are ready to jump out of the boat of imagining who she will be and into the boat of holding her tight and walking off the plane into the arms of family. 

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