In Just One More Month…

In just one more month our bright little light will turn three. She can hardly wait and woke up this morning announcing that she will be “old like my Mommy and Daddy soon.” Yes baby you will be old. Not quite as old as we are but older, bigger and able to take on new adventures and tasks. What a big deal it is for her, all the new things she will get to do when she is finally three.  I can’t slow down time so I am doing all I can lately to take her all in. Watching her grow and thrive has been one of the highlights of my life. To know where and how she began and to know that her life was spared so she could come home to a family who loves her more than anything. Ava’s life and adoption has been a gift to each of us.

So here’s to another four weeks of two years old. I never want to forget how you read aloud to yourself in your room or how much you adore books. I want to etch on my heart your snuggles, your fragrant wild hair in my face and the way you find the perfect spot on your blanket and then find another spot to share with me. I want to forever recall your verbal skills and how much fun it is to watch you put incredible thoughts together with vocabulary we still cannot believe. I guess having older bros really does make a difference.  I want to remember your love of Dora, how close you like to stand to a friend, your sweet sweet manners and of course the demands you make everyday for tights no matter what you are wearing. You sure do love clothes and matching all the colors and patterns.

You make our heart sing and we cannot wait to celebrate you next month when you turn the big 3. Until then don’t rush it dear one and know that you are deeply loved.

Peace and Grace,