Ava Eleanor Argene Strobel
She is home and we are filled with great joy!
There is so much to tell about our journey to Ava and all we have learned in following God and opening our hearts to hear HIS plan for our lives. We could never have imagined the love we would feel not only for Ava but for so many children who we left behind. This little one needed us yes, but we are already feeling that it was us who needed her more than ever.
We are adjusting slowly to her needs and her cues. Her brothers are very dear and watching them interact and talk with her is so awesome!
I cannot wait to continue to process all the joy and much of the heartache I saw in Ethiopia. There is so much to share and it is country who now owns a portion of my heart. In fact, I cannot wait to return but until then we can educate and advocate for the many orphans still in great need.
Stay tuned and thank you all for the amazing and unending support!
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  1. 4 Blessings
    4 Blessings says:

    Congratulations Melanie!!! We are so happy for your family. She is so beautiful and we look forward to watching her grow. Hopefully we can all meet for reunions through the years.

  2. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I found your blog from Lucy Lane's–congratulations on bringing your daughter home. She is beautiful!! I can't wait until we are posting about our child being home!!

  3. Bobi
    Bobi says:

    She is beautiful! Can't wait to be posting pictures in the future of our little Ethiopian princess! So sweet that your boys are loving on their new little sister… I have three boys as well! God bless… I look forward to watching Ava grow! Bobi Bobbitt, Edenton NC

  4. The Kirk Fam
    The Kirk Fam says:

    Absolutely a miracle! Thank you for sharing your story, my heart is overwhelmed by God's goodness! I can't wait to stand in those same rooms as you all did really soon to hold our sweet son!
    Grace to you,

  5. poptropica
    poptropica says:

    Wow! We watched the video and it was breathtaking to say the least. It was very emotional. We are very happy for your family. This beautiful little girl is so blessed to have a loving and caring family. We can not wait to meet her. She is absolutely beautiful.
    Jon & Michelle Baarda

  6. Betsy and the Boys
    Betsy and the Boys says:

    Oh Melanie- I literally caught my breath when I saw her picture- she is a DOLL! So excited for you all! Blessings on your family as you adjust to being momma of 4!

  7. Michelle S.
    Michelle S. says:

    Congratulations! The video was so wonderful, you have stolen OUR hearts watching you go through this process. I'm so happy for your family. The Sneathens

  8. mlynne
    mlynne says:

    As you are in the blessed final stages of your journey to your daughter, through all the twists and turns that Do come w/ adoption, we are, just starting ours w/ AGCI Ethiopia Prog. We too made a switch (From Taiwan)after a yr of no referrals and our heartstings pulling to go in the direction we had originally intended to go. God knew but we had to listen first.

    Ava is beautiful, your love for her and the boys ever so apparent. Thanks for sharing, it was a gift to watch! Blessings

  9. Lisa and Len
    Lisa and Len says:

    I am so thrilled for you and your family–she is absolutely gorgeous! I am glad that everything worked out for you!

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