It Was Just What I Needed… {a conversation with my daughter}

She is only two. She will be three in April and yet she is far beyond her years.  She came to us through adoption and there is not a day that goes by that I do not thank God that her life was spared so she could come home to our family. This little peanut, home from Ethiopia in 2010, is truly here on the planet, in our hearts, our arms and our family for a reason and sometimes I see and hear God speaking right through her.

It was getting late and I knew I needed to get her to bed, but after the many challenges of this week I really needed time to just relax and rock my daughter.  She was snuggly, quiet and sweet. She can soothe and charm me in an instant. She leaned in close and whispered into my ear. “Mommy, God made me special.”

“Yes. Ava,” I affirmed. “God also brought you all the way from Ethiopia to be  part of our family. That is how special you are.”

“Yes Mommy and I want to go with you to Ethiopia.”  How amazing that she knows what we talk about so often in our family. I will soon be returning to Ethiopia.

“Yes sweet girl, ” I say. ” When you are older you will get to go to Ethiopia and learn all about a place and a people we love.”

“Yes Mommy cause I black.” she says with her curious eyes.

I breathe in and out, not sure what to say. She is aware of such things at such a young age. Then this comes to mind. “Ava you are Ethiopian and Mommy was born here in the USA. I can’t wait for you to see Ethiopia someday.”

I sit rocking her until she is almost asleep. I love the smell of her hair products and the comfort of all her blankets. I reflect on the story that God is writing in and  through her life. She is already, at the ripe age of two, a perfect testament to His redemptive grace. While her road ahead may be bumpy as she seeks to understand differences, God has given her something that I will not even attempt to define. She is His and she is fearfully and wonderfully made and already that has brought her far. We are blessed to be raising her up to be Ava, a precious babe, who is both Ethiopian and American, a sister, daughter and a child of God. She is loved and cherished and yes very special indeed.

This week has been a challenge on many fronts and I am so grateful for the precious words from my daughter tonight. Her words were exactly what God knew I needed to hear.

here she is as she watches Santa Clause in action…


On her own she chose to hug him but this look is one of total uncertainty… Love it!


Eager to learn more about this Santa character if only for a moment.


Peace and Grace in the week ahead,