Jesus Loves them…

Every child has the ability to capture us in ways that take our breath away. They suck us right in and we are smitten for life. Our daughter is no exception. The love we have for her is so fierce and she is constantly bringing smiles to all of our faces. She oozes charm and sweetness. In fact I never want to forget the moments where Ava greets the boys after a long school day. The smiles on the boys take my breath away and make everything about Ava’s adoption into our lives so right. So often I just stare at her and nearly weep with gratitude for the courage we were granted to answer the call to adopt. What a gift we have been given in our daughter and sister, our little one from Ethiopia, who now runs around the house shouting, ” go to Ethiopia Mommy!” She wonders when I am headed back and already we find ourselves wanting her to be proud of her identity both here at home but also in the land of Ethiopia where she was born.

So do I call it irony that while I was half way round the globe teaching little ones the words and hand motions to Jesus Loves Me, our  little girl was here at home being loved and nurtured and beginning to pick up the words of the very same song? Amazing! It’s her new favorite song and since I have returned home we sing it many times a day. When she is old enough I cannot wait to share with her the following images of me standing before several hundred little children of the Chapa Carepoint and singing the words we all know and love. They responded with such sweetness and within moments we were all conversing in the same language of hand motions, music and worshiping.

It was one of my favorite moments of the entire trip and I will forever be reminded that getting children sponsored in order to provide mental, spiritual and physical nourishment is the very least I can do. I live with a little girl from Ethiopia who did not have a hope and a future as a new baby. She could have ended up in so many challenging situations just as many of the children of Ethiopia do. In the eyes of the little girls at Chapa I saw my daughter. Today when I listen to Ava’s beautiful song of worship, I will again raise my hands and my voice to the children who still need us both in adoption and sponsorship.

If you have even the slightest little tug on your heart to adopt, I would love to talk with and encourage you.   I am also happy to discuss the possibility that perhaps you are meant to go and see for yourself.  Take a look at the One Child Campaign website to see how a mission/vision trip may just be the next step in your life.

Peace and Grace,


Thank you Mike Ellis for your stunning images. Visit Breath of Life Photography to learn more about Mike’s work.