Join the Movement {STUCK via Both Ends Burning}

I’m always inspired by those willing to take on a cause. I mean to really take on a cause and not only dig into the whys but also the ways in which we can all work to make change possible. That is exactly what Craig Juunten did when he realized the overhwhelming number of children, how about 10 million who wait to be adopted throughout the world.  After entering the world of adoption and bringing home three children for Haiti Craig began to uncover the harrowing statistics  that prove how many children and families willing to adopt children are being held hostage by governmental red tape.  Juntunen went on to create a documentary and is currently touring 80 cities in order to share the film and edcate those willing to stand up for changes to the declining and suffering international adoption system.

It should not matter where a child is born. Every child deserves the right to have a family to call his or her own and while rules and policies must apply, it is senseless and cruel that so many children around the world are growing up in institutions of worse on the streets.  Adoption is one big solution to the orphan crisis but we must use education to create a movement that showcases the awareess and hopelessness many children face if intercountry adoptions do not continue. We need government officials to make adoption a priority so that children can come home to families who have been waiting often for several grueling years.

After meeting our daughter nearly three years ago during our first trip to Ethiopia I can vividly recall the fear I had that our connection was in the hands of many who did not know the love we had for her the instant we saw her precious picture. Adoption must be closely monitored and of course we do not want children to end up in the wrong hands but the idea that so many people are willing to adopt if the process, expense and wait times were easier should tell us all that something needs to change. This week our little one turns three and I cannot bear the thought of her having been STUCK on the other side of the world waiting for us to come to her. This is the reality for many willing parents adopting from countries such as Guatemala and Russia. Both the children and the families are STUCK in the cogs of a broken down system.

Learn more about the documentary STUCK here. Take a look at when STUCK might be playing in your city and see how you can spread the word to help fill the theatres. I am doing my part here in Michigan and please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or insight as to how to get more people signing the petition and also how to make more people aware that this tragedy exisits today in such huge numbers all around the world.

STUCK is coming to Grand Rapids, MI

Tuesday, April 30th at 7:00 to the AMC Grand Rapids 18.

Please consider purchasing tickets early by clicking here.

Message me if you will be attending. I’ll be there helping out where needed. No matter your connection to adoption would you consider standing up this week and using your voice to spread the message of the waiting child. Please sign the STUCK petition here and also share it anywhere and everywhere. It is true that alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. Thanks for spreading the word!

Take a listen to this beautiful tune that so fits the mission of the STUCK documentary:

How will you use your voice this week?