Join Us on the Journey… {Planning a Feast for Chapa}

Myself and a team of  20 from all across the country will soon be embarking on a fabulous journey to Ethiopia. We  will be working with several ministries and missionaries on the ground in unique ways to learn more about sustainable solutions to poverty and orphan care. We will seek to understand before being understood  and serve Ethiopia’s people with open minds in order to learn how to best meet their often desperate needs and also to embrace their spectacular culture. For our family it is a dream come true that 20 people will join me at Chapa, the beautiful Children’s Hopechest Carepoint where many children are in desperate need of basic things such as water, uniforms, mentorship, nutrition and education.

We have championed the Carepoint this year and been blessed with many family and friends, a community, who now sponsor a child at Chapa. The monthly sponsorship is transforming the Chapa community one little life at a time.  As the February trip draws near we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of kindness and offers of support and we thought of a cool way for you to be a part of our mission.

 Help us lift up the kids at Chapa with a big celebration feast.

My son Hayden made this video to help explain…

The meal makes a BIG impact especially while myself and the team are there in person spending time listening, learning, playing, loving and teaching. Last year we held a feast for the kids and it was so much fun to see their little eyes sparkle as they all shared in a giant meal of meat, vegetables, injera and even soda pop.

 As you know there is something about a hot meal that shows love and hospitality and frankly the relationships we started to build with the village women who prepared the meal all through the night were priceless.


Now this year we return with an even bigger goal… Could we feed the children who attend the Carepoint and perhaps even more who surround the school peaking in all day?

The Chapa community eager to see what we were up to all day with the kids…

Maybe we could invite many more in the surrounding village to a huge celebration feast to share God’s love and vision for their community. It’s a lofty goal but a girl can dream!

Any contributions can be mailed to:
477 Morraine Hill Drive SE Ada, MI 49301 or you may contribute via paypal here:

There is so much need at Chapa so any and all donations will be put to good use.

Thanks you for all your support of our team and for supporting our family in this goal. We are dreaming BIG for the Chapa kids and we hope you will follow our journey.

Peace and Grace today and always,


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