Let Your Light Shine { Ethiopia Mission Trip- February 2012 }


Shine your light before men that they may see your good deeds.  -Matthew 5:16

Come away with me to shine your light throughout Ethiopia this February 2012. 


I am headed back to a country I have come to love so deeply to continue to nurture and grow the many relationships that have been started.

My connections to Ethiopia have blossomed into a partnership with both One Child Campaign with the amazing David family and Children’s Hopechest, with a Carepoint we champion in Awassa.

Although I am eager to return I have been called to take others with me to experience the life change that happens when we step outside ourselves and our comfort zone to breathe life and hope into the least of these. This change will occur both in your heart and in the hearts of those we serve. It only takes one to radically change the life of another. This trip will alter your life, but more importantly this trip will forever alter the lives of those people  you will meet throughout the journey. The connections you will make will have a profound impact on your faith and your awareness of the needs of the world.

We will begin in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where we will stay for a night or two before traveling to the Children’s Hopechest Carepoint in breathtaking Awassa. We will spend several days loving on the children, widows and the destitute in Awassa and surrounding areas. We can teach them about the hope of Christ and do everything from playing soccer to art classes to form lasting relationships. From there we will return back to Addis Ababa and focus on several organizations already in place with One Child Campaign.

The total cost for the trip will be $2990 *costs could vary based on airline fuel charges*

You will love Ethiopia!  I promise it is a land and a smiling culture of beautiful people who will steal your heart.

So what gifts could you bring to brighten and sustain the life of another?  With like hearts we will serve, love and minister with all our talents to people who need us most. God wants you and I just as we are. He calls us to GO and BE the CHANGE,  serving with our hands and our hearts as Jesus did with the talents we have been given.

This will be my fourth trip back to Ethiopia and Caleb David, the founder of One Child Campaign will be joining us. Together, along with an excellent on the ground staff, we will guide you through a country that has so much to offer.

We will be limiting our group to 10-12 people so please let me know right away if you are interested.

The trip will include


*Guest House stay in Addis Ababa

*Hotel Accomodations in Awassa

* Transportation and On the Ground Staff

* Translators


Alone we cannot change the world but there is so much we can do as a team, impacting the world one child, one widow, one needy soul at a time. Begin with one… and join us as we give away our time, talent, resources, energy and love to the people of Ethiopia.

Any questions or concerns I am right here to help @ grstrobels@sbcglobal.net

“Defend the weak and the fatherless;
uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.”

Psalm 82:3

One thought on “Let Your Light Shine { Ethiopia Mission Trip- February 2012 }”

  1. Hello! I feel called with all of my being to go on a mission trip and would love to join you guys in Ethiopia. However, I am expecting my first child in March and want to wait to travel until fall/winter 2012. Do you guys have any trips at all planned for this time period? Thanks so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

    I love your blog. SO inspiring. 🙂

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