Letting go as we wait…

This week I really want to know who SHE is! This waiting is very tough. Now that I am part of the yahoo group, Adopt Nepal, I am feeling much more in tune with what is going on over there, although I guess we do not really know what is accurate. Everything in this wild process is subject to daily change and I am doing all that I can to remember that God knows the perfect timing for who and what is going to happen within our family. I feel for the families who were caught up in the Nepal shutdown. Some of the families have dossiers that were resubmitted after our dossier since they had to redo many aspects of their paperwork. Wow. Where is the justice in that? So many willing and able parents just waiting to bring home a child yet it is taking so long for Nepal to get going. As we all dialogue on the yahoo page, I am moved to give up my frustration because we have only been at this for 11 months and many people have been waiting for two years. It is all about perspective is it not? My greatest wish is to fulfill the needs of so many orphans both in this country and abroad in a faster manner. That is a monumental task apparently, but I pray for those who have no family to love, guide an nurture them. Lead families to those children FAST!

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