Life is Good…



At 21 months this dear little peanut is an absolute riot! She is so spunky and funny and loves to Wow us with her understanding of everything we say. Here are a few things you enjoy most right now Ava…

Applesauce… you are in love with the word and the food. You ask for it several times a day!

Books… A Mother For Choco is still one of your favs and you move through many books in a day.

Hats… you love your own but even more you love to wear Daddy’s hat and sneak hats away from the boys…

OWEN… you shout his name many times a day and we cannot decide if he is in fact your favorite brother or if it is his name you love. You tell everyone we meet about your brother, OWEN.

Row your Boat still remains supreme in your list of favorite songs but you occasionally allow Twinkle Twinkle and You are My Sunshine.

You also love to list things and most recently you have been listing the people in your life… I love to watch your face and your little brain firing as you list off all the names… “grandpa, mommy, carter, OWEN, daddy, etc….”

Just yesterday you began shouting out Baa Baa BLACKSHEEP and singing your ABC’s with a big Hooray at the end.

Life IS Good with you dear Ava and you are a true light in all of our lives!


One thought on “Life is Good…”

  1. Thanks for sharing the delightful quirks of your wonderful little girl. As an adoptive mom myself, I know that adoption blesses those adopted and those who adopt. The children gain parents, siblings, a home, and, most importantly, the opportunity to hear about Jesus. Those of us who adopt gain LIFE in our homes and hearts that never would have been there in any other way. God’s way is so beautiful!


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