Looking back… {Chapa Sponsorship: one year later and a Holiday Challenge}

It’s been one year since our family became Carepoint Coordinators for the Children’s Hopechest Chapa Carepoint in Ethiopia.  What an adventure it has been! This very weekend one year ago we were diligently working to pull off an event to educate our friends and family about how our community could transform a community far across the globe in a small village south of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In this year we have been truly amazed by the outpouring of love for the children of Chapa and we are thrilled to report that 84 children now have sponsors to call their very own. Isn’t that amazing? We are so filled with gratitude for each of you who have opened your eyes and your hearts to change the world for orphans in their distress {James 1:27}. I even have a dear friend, our daughters adopted through the same agency in Ethiopia, who helped spread the word to her church family.  You should see what their small church community has done to love big on the Chapa children. Thank you Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church of Hood River, Oregon and thank you Cheri Rogers for coming alongside me in so many ways. When we all unite to share solutions it’s awesome what can be accomplished!

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving week ahead and move into the holiday season, I want to thank each of you who sponsor a child or children at Chapa and also those who have taken the time to support us as a family as we fundraise and share our dreams for Chapa. I am so excited to see what God has done in the past year  and I am even more excited about the ways in which God is paving the way to do even more for health and wellness in the Chapa community in the near future, but one dream still remains… I want each child to be filled with the pride of knowing that they have been chosen. I want each child to feel God’s love through letters and prayer. I want all the children of Chapa to share with one another the names and cities of their sponsor.  It is that deep feeling of self worth and love that is created when you sign on to call a child from Ethiopia your own. So I ask each of you reading this to not only consider sponsorship but more than anything else, I need help in spreading the word. Please share this post and in doing so help me to find sponsors for 80 more children who wait.  Here is the best news… I have a generous family willing to contribute $500 toward the Clean Water for Chapa Project for each new child sponsorship between now and February 1, 2013 ( the day our team departs for Ethiopia) How cool is that? God is stirring hearts and honoring our work on the behalf of these children. Let’s make this big dream an awesome reality!

This February myself and a team of 12 others {yes there are a few spots remaining} will be returning to Chapa. We will return to spread love and hope among the children. We will seek to be his hands and feet so that they might see God’s mighty love.  We will meet with school and church leaders, listening and planning so we can better meet the needs of the children and surrounding community. We will play, laugh, dance and sing. We will hug, cry and pray with children and we will hand deliver the word that they are cherished by sponsors from around the globe. For many children in Ethiopia sponsorship is everything. See for yourself  below with the look on this sweet girl’s face when we gave her a care package from her sponsor family. So precious!

Again thank you for all of the support we feel for the Chapa children and let’s work together to give the waiting children of Chapa a sponsor of their very own.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,