Loving My Children

So as crazy as it sounds today was a day where I wished I could have 14 more children in my life! I warned you it sounded crazy but today was one of the best afternoons we have had as a family. The boys were out of school today for a teacher’s inservice. They began their morning with a bit of relaxation and by building a skatepark in the garage. The ramps required that I back the car out and they went to town with any wood they could find. They organized everything and had piles of scooters, skateboards, helmets, pads and of course piles of wood they could add to the ramps. The whole endeavor took them hours and it was quite a sight to behold. Bob worked half a day. We organized backpacks, figured out homework and then cleaned up to spend the afternoon and evening downtown. The guys were a blast!!!!

We started at Cathedral Square and saw the ladders and the Giving Tree. The boys had notebooks and we encouraged them to sketch what they saw or perhaps describe or define it. We traveled next to Calder Plaza and on to BIggby to warm up with coffee and hot cocoa. They guys were dreamy and so fun to watch as they absorbed all the art, some good and some, well the boys are already little critics.”Are the ladders really art Mommy or are they more like a creative project?” Carter asked. Owen could not wait to get into the Old Federal Building where several of the top art pieces are housed. Both he and I had visited the area this week and he really remembered the pieces he loved. He owned the place, wanting his Dad and brothers to see it all. How can a five year old be so in love with ART?

I guess I am just sitting here tonight counting my many blessings. I am blessed to have such amazing children and a husband who feels the same way I do. It is our responsibility to teach them all we can, to guide them and to show them the ways of God. They fill our lives with such joy, spirit, concern and love. I am in awe of the gift God has given us in giving is three brilliant and beautiful children. The joy they provide makes me wish I could have more. More children to love. More children to teach. More children to cherish and guide. I can’t wait to know who is next to join our family.

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  1. Kristi J
    Kristi J says:

    What a beautiful blog you have going…Welcome aboard…Ethiopian baby girls are the BEST 🙂 kristi

  2. Are These Kids All Yours?
    Are These Kids All Yours? says:

    Very blessed. Amazing How God gives us those times, and that sense of HIS presence. Yeah!!!

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