Loving with Abandon

I would jump up and begin to shout at the top of my lungs the ever popular Nike phrase:


(repeatedly of course)

You would perhaps think me crazy but I would not care. I do crazy quite well thank you. 🙂

You see I have walked in your shoes. I have felt the ache your heart my feel, I have done all the research and talked until I am blue in the face about what country and the pros and cons of international versus domestic adoption.

I know the process and the soul searching you are going through feels so challenging… Sometimes you may even wish you could run the other way from the call to adopt. The calling is often frightening but I am hear to remind you today that God does not call the equipped: He equips the called!

Today was a big day in the life of our daughter. Today Ava turned six months old! She is vibrant, smiley, demanding, sitting up, communicative with her eyes and her smiles, sleeping well and rolling over like crazy.

Watching her all day today reminded me that I should help others to know that they too can take the crazy leap of faith into the world of adoption. Let our heart be softened and your prayer filled soul be your guide to the child of yur heart, wherever he or she is.

All children need us and perhaps there is one child who God intends especially for you and your family.

Today I am grateful for the joy of Ava. I am grateful for the challenge and the juggling she has created in our family. I am grateful for the bustle of our household as the boys nearly miss the bus becasue they have to say goodbye to Ava. I am grateful for the leaky bottles and the middle of the night feedings, for the fussy times when I must let go of my own needs so that I might better meet hers.

These are all changes that God knew  I needed and our family needed.

Funny how one little can change so much.


We believed we were simply growing our family but God had so much more in store when he showed us the way to Ava.

Happy half birthday sweet daughter of ours…

We love you with wild abandon!