Making Christmas Matter…

It’s three weeks until Christmas and I keep asking myself when I am going to begin to get it all done. The stress is starting to settle in yet I am trying to fight the urge to believe that all will be perfect and complete with enough time to sit quietly reflecting around my tree. Instead of perfection I want the peace and the profound awareness of what Christmas day really means. What is it all about and how can we take back our Christmas to make it mean what it should?

What if we did things differently? What if we let ourselves off the hook and allowed store bought cookies? What if we weeded through the Christmas boxes and chose to limit what we had to put out?  What if we sent the catalogues directly into recycling without wondering what we should add to our Christmas list? In considering these options I feel a calmness.  Maybe finding peace and the joy of the season means simplifying that which we have come to believe must be accomplished during the month of December. So often none of it has a thing to do with the true meaning of Christmas.

What if we changed the story of another instead of purchasing a meaningless gift? How cool would Christmas be if all the money we spent on stuff was redirected to being spent on people. Afterall there are people in need, people with dreams, people with gifts to share if only they had a little help.   I would like to share one  way to give a gift that gives back this year.  Visit to learn how to change the life of a child in need. Make a donation or sponsor a child and write a note to the school teacher sharing that in his or her honor you have helped a child in need. Sponsor a child in the name of your children or your parents this year and wrap a note or a picture of the child to be opened on Christmas morning.  Help us bring a library and books to the rural of village of Chapa. Make your donation here and share it with whoever you wish to honor this holiday season.

Let’s bring back the true meaning of the season. Let’s change a life with our gift to honor an important bus driver, teacher or friend in our life. In America we spend $495 billion on gift giving at Christmas. Let’s make the money we spend count. Maybe the investment in people rather than stuff is exactly what we need more of. We all long for a heartfelt and meaningful Christmas. Make your gift giving matter and show your kids this example of Christmas giving. Simplify and fight the urge to buy more stuff. Decorate less and expect less. Maybe this will be the year where the true spirit of the season shines brightly in your heart. Share you ideas and stories with me. I would love to hear them and learn from you.

Peace and Grace to you and yours,