Moving on down the road toward our daughter

With Valentines spread all over our basement we discussed our sweet baby and our our new number.
Seemed quite appropriate to use sweet tarts to make our new number. The boys could not believe that I was leaving out the blue sweet tarts. Come on now I am all about the blue but just not tonight.
Tonight was decorating for the holiday of LOVE! 
I love my family more than I ever could have imagined and I can hardly wait to watch each of our hearts become open to one more precious little sweetie. The three little gentlemen above will be the most amazing big brothers.
We have been going through this process for so long that I dare say they have no idea what to expect but they will rise to the occasion. Someday soon this will all be very real and we will be walking the roads of Addis to hold our daughter for the very first time.
I pray every day for HER to bond with her brothers and for HER to arrive safely into our open arms and our open hearts.
We are coming for you sweet little baby girl!!!
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