My baby is back this Easter weekend…

Well my baby is back. I do not mean Ava and I am not talking about my dear husband. I am referring to my charming and ever perfect Macbook Pro. Oh how I have missed the quality time just me and my keyboard. Many of you who know me know that I am an Apple girl through and through. I used to love browsing shoes and now that obsession is the Apple Store. It is pure eye candy. Not because I need more technology but because every time I allow myself to enter the glass doors I stand in awe of all that my sweet baby can do. Whew. I can barely keep up with this machine. All I know is that I am more than a little bit happy to have her back in tip top shape and I am hear to remind you that you never know when and where your logic board ( the brain) is going to fail. Back up your computer. Fortunately I had just backed the whole machine up so restoring all the data after it was sent out for an overhaul was not a problem. My hiatus is finally over.

I am sitting here listening to the most amazing thunder and realizing that even though our spring has been far from balmy I am grateful that winter is over and we are closing in on long summer days. Easter means more this year than ever before as I am so grateful for all that God did in sending his son here to earth to show us the perfect example of sacrificial love. Adoption and seeking God’s voice in my life has taught me more about sacrificial love than anything else I have been through. Thank God I was open to hearing and thank God that Jesus carried the burdens with him to the cross so that we might be free from sin.

God sent Jesus to guide us and to heal us. Jesus lived a life of sacrifice so that we might learn what is necessary to heal the world.  Living sacrificially looks so different for us all but what matters most is that we are all listening and acting on the path God is calling us to take. I thank God every day that we did. This Easter may we all be reminded of God’s power, unconditional love and mercy.  May we all be reminded of God’s will in our lives. Buckle up and hang on tight. You might just be in for the ride of your life.  A blessed Easter to you all!