Nine months old and five months HOME!

I am working to cherish all the magic moments I can with Miss Ava. Last night after feeding her in the rocking chair she was still wide eyed. I knew I needed to lay her down for sleep but I simply could not get enough of her sweet face. Her smile just melts me and on top of that she is so observant and aware. She looks deep into my eyes and sometimes when we are quiet and still we can spend several minutes just connecting with our eyes. It is so amazing to look at her and know how right she is for our family. She is a miracle! It is miracle that she survived. It is a miracle that she was rescued and it is a miracle that God brought us to her and her to us.

My faith runs even deeper now as I watch this child growing in our hearts and in our family. God does not make mistakes in setting the lonely in families. We have many things we work on daily with all of our children and we have days when we wonder how we will do it. We have struggles. Nothing here is perfect. We deal with defiance and wild behavior. We deal with schedule challenges and finding ways to simplify our lives. We deal with children who already at tender ages wish to make their own decisions. It is not easy and perhaps never will be, but having said all that I search every day for the strength to see the beauty in all the moments. After all it is choice to remember that we have been richly blessed with four precious children to love and guide.

Ava has been home for five months and we are thrilled to see her thriving and growing. She is moving all over but not with a true crawl. She is seeking to pull herself up but is not quite sure how. She is constantly babbling and talking and uses her hands and many facial expressions just like her momma 🙂 She is a champion eater and has the best whole finger food diet of anyone I know. She is down to three bottles a day and gets herself to sleep 98% of the time. She sleeps all night and wakes up smiling. I am not bragging folks just documenting her stages… She is a little sweet pea with so much spirit and a contagious smile. Nine months old is one of the best baby stages. Take a peak…

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  1. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    She is just BEAUTIFUL!! She is so close in age to Daniel…it is hard for me to remember that he is actually 8+ months because he seems so much younger than that to me. I can’t get over how expressive she is…just ADORABLE!!!

  2. rachel
    rachel says:

    oh my goodness…just look at those eyes and her hair is growing in so nicely!!!!! hard to believe we have been home for 5 months. she is beautiful!!! glad to hear she is sleeping for you:)

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