October… a favorite new season

For everything there is a season,
a time for every activity under heaven.
A time to be born and a time to die.
A time to plant and a time to harvest.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

It’s a new school year, new schedules, new sports teams and new routines. So far so good.  Our back to school was better than in years past and in spite of a few things we would like to tweak we are making the best of it and trying to teach the kids to do the same. Afterall it is life that you won’t always be in class with your favorites friends or be blessed with the teacher everyone hopes to inherit year after year. Like all parents we walk the tightrope of fixing what is broken and allowing disappointment to be a building block and character building. As involved parents that is not always easy but in those moments when I step back and allow my own feelings to take a back seat I often see the forest through the trees and it is wonderful to see children rise to the challenge.

Last week I attended a second meeting of a new group I have joined through church called Mom’s on a Mission and I could not be more thrilled with the topics we discuss and the insight and dialogue generated. Our Associate pastor was the speaker and he began the hour by asking us to jot down a few dreams for our family or dreams for ourselves as parents. Wow… not an easy task.  How often do we even give ourselves a minute to dream? Do we ever just sit and let our minds wander into what could be as our role of parents? Do we dream with God about the best ways to become closer with him in order to better connect with our children.  Parents really are the closest thing to God that our children see and hear on a daily basis for much of their young lives. Answering the dream question can often generate deep emotion and on that morning it did for me. Writing down my answer helped me to pause briefly and consider how short this life is and that most days we are on this wheel of crazy scheduled and intentional life but is what is right for us, for our children, for our community and for our calling as parents, working people and Christians? (run on sentence yes but I had to spit out the question)  Gulp. Just typing that here makes me swallow hard. So this week I challenge you to take time to dream. It’s a new month with a new season. As the temperatures and the leaves change color think of what needs changing in your life. I will do the same. Where do we need to check our hearts? Where should we be spending our energy and our time? How can we dream Godly dreams for our children and for children everywhere? What might we do today or this week to impact the dreams of another?

I spent time this weekend combing through recent pictures and am reminded what an awesome responsibility I have been given in raising this brood. I will continue to dream big on their behalf seeking God in the big stuff and the mundane. Afterall, what we do with the time we have been given on earth should certainly glorify Him.

I would also ask us all to pray specifically for those who run our country today. There are so many who today right now are being  wrongfully impacted by this crazy government shutdown and of course it is not those in charge who are offering to give up their paychecks until this is resolved. No matter where we all stand on this divisive issue I hope we will take time to pray for leaders to be humbled and to listen to what is best not for their party or their reelection but instead for the American people. I know I am crazy for thinking this can actually happen but our God is so great!  As thousands of government workers are being dismissed today we know that for many this will be a month of hardship and fear. It will be a month of crushed dreams and security. With so many concerns always on my heart I often forget to be grateful for this land of opportunity, leadership and resources. Pray for redemption, integrity and light to be shown through this challenge and change.