On the Eve of Her Birthday…

I can’t imagine not having her in our lives. She is precious and spirited in the most delightful ways. Tomorrow she will wake up and venture down the stairs, tattered blanket in hand, and snuggle me on the couch and I will look to the heavens and thank God for blessing us with such a special little girl. Our daughter has brought me closer to God in more ways than I can count not the least of which is my gratitude that we were literally called and lead to adoption. I have God to thank for that and not a day goes by that I do not see God in her eyes. I see God in her rescue and survival and see God in her health and well being in our family. I see God is our awareness, insight and peace that adoption was more than we could have ever hoped for.

We are eager to welocome her into her thrid year of precious life. She is so excited about her big day and has been talking about it for weeks. Friday night is a Dora/Mexican Fiesta night with family and next week she chose a tea party with her little friends.  Honestly, I can hardly stand it. Birthdays when kids are little are by far the best and what’s no to love about an entire day of celebrating her life, her soulful spirit and her love of all things DORA. She is her own kind of beautiful in more ways than I can even count.

God I know that half way around the world someone might be living with tremendous pain and many questions about the little girl he or she could not care for. Please grant them peace. Give them strength through the day and ensure them your promise of forgiveness and mercy. If only I could allow them to see the beautiful, kind, smart and loving little girl she is in and through you God. Perhaps someday that moment will come, but until then I must rely on you for their protection, comfort and peace. Thank you for the blessing of our daughter’s life and thank you for chooisng us to raise her.

Happy almost birthday sweet girl!

The Birthday Girl…





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