Our baby girl {one year home}…

One year ago the most precious little gift came home to our house full of boys. Our lives have been forever changed and our hearts rearranged by the absolute beauty and charm of this little pumpkin. She is a sweet smart cookie who interacts with everyone with her big smile and bright eyes.  She is bubbly and fun, often demanding our attention with her looks and her loud shrills.  She is so loved by her brothers and has challenged us all this year to think beyond ourselves as we accommodate new noise, feeding and nap schedules and the overall needs a baby requires. Ava has been a gift to us all….

As we celebrate Ava’s one year of being home we also celebrate how God has so faithfully knit our hearts to the plight of the orphan. It is no accident that so many connections have been made this year. Again today I stand in awe of God’s hand in this last three years of our journey as a family. WOW! There is so much to HIS plans if you open your heart and mind and simply say “yes.” Please click here to see what is next for our family. More little children, just like Ava, wait. They wait for you and they wait for me.

Thank you God for the miracle of Ava and her story, her life and her journey to our family. We love her more than words can express and we give you all the glory in bringing our hearts together. We love you Ava and all the love and joy you have brought home. In your smile I see hope. In your eyes I see promise and in your daily interaction with others I see a future!

Seriously…these photos melt my heart!
Happy Sunday,

4 thoughts on “Our baby girl {one year home}…”

  1. Seriously…those photos melt my heart too. She is the happiest and most full-of-life soul I have ever seen!!! Her expressions are priceless and I think she is set for the stage. I can see her on Broadway some day. And, for sure, a commercial for mascara – WOW!!!

    You all are so blessed and I have learned a great deal from you this year. Keep fighting the good fight!


  2. oh those photos melt my heart too!!! she is absolutely beautiful…can’t believe it has been one year already!!! so hoping to see you guys in the coming year!!!

  3. Dear Strobel Family,
    Our family feels so fortunate to have been gifted with knowing sweet Ava for the past year. She truly is an amazing representation of the spiritual greatness that reaches out to all who are willing to open their hearts and minds. Thank you for sharing your journey and your families joy with us. It is inspiring to learn and to understand how although your family is complete here on Morraine Hill, you will forever more be touching as many other little lives as possible on the other side of the world. Little Ava is the angel who has opened the flood gate in honor of all other little ones who can’t even begin to imagine a life safely snuggled in a soft bed at night with basic needs met. We look forward to being a part of your mission! love, Kress Family

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