Our Big Vaccination Day

We made it through six injections each and lived to tell. Honestly people it was no that bad. Now we had heard horror stories about grown men crying with the yellow fever shot. Not the case for Bob and I am still on the fence about the yellow fever since it does have some side effects and I am the queen of getting anything a drug might potentially cause. Our nurse made the morning far less stressful than we expected and frankly the hardest part was waiting for her to draw up all the syringes. I will say it was a bit frightening to review all that Ethiopia struggles with in terms of diseases. Of course we will be in one area and we will not be traveling remotely. All I could think of were the many brave souls now in Haiti who are working with no sanitation and no supplies. They must be serving each day in fear of things such as typhoid and Hep A and B. Our nurse explained that many who left quickly for Haiti were not able to be vaccinated properly first. Such a selfless thing to do- serving the hungry, the lost, the injured and the dying in Haiti. I am amazed by the heros who do so. They inspire me to do greater things with my time and my life. We are one step closer to our daughter and my heart is with those tonight who are being stirred by the call to adopt. May they see that even busy families with full lives can make room for one more. We can find the time to get to the shots and complete the many hours of paperwork. One more thing to check off our list!

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  1. the overtons
    the overtons says:

    we are number 19 officially on the girl list. oh it feels like we are getting soooo close. i think we are unofficially #15. which shots did you guys get? i wasn't sure when we needed to get ours? my email is rdorlo@charter.net
    maybe we will travel together, who knows? we are in TN.

  2. Melanie Strobel
    Melanie Strobel says:

    Hi there:
    We are all getting close! Just wish we would see some movement. We followed the advice of the awesome travel nurse at the Health Center. There is very little direction as to when to get started but we figured why not. Some of the shots need boosters too. I need better direction on how to follow people and their blogs. I just noticed that you had left a comment. OK sorry but I need to run. Official numbers soon?????
    Blessings to you!

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