Our Little Witch…

I shared a wonderful week with this little one. Around here we are preparing for a big Halloween Party with neighbors and friends so my Halloween bins are strewn throughout the garage and the boys were helping to spooky things up a bit before the party. My kids have grown up loving the creativity and excitement of Halloween. On weekends we often make a night out of visiting the Halloween costumes shop to comb through the many ideas dreaming of what and who to be. For many years we only made costumes that is until the boys became old enough that they could not be convinced to be whatever Mom wanted. Now we frequent the Halloween stores in search of a crazy morph suit or a wild wig for the big day. Our family Halloween memories are right up there with Christmas and I will be sad when their doorbell ringing days are over. Ava needed to dress up for her dance class this week so we combed through our giant costume bin to find this little number. You can’t tell from picture number one but she loved being a little witch and insisted that she was a “nice dancing witch.” That is perfect for me and I can assure you that most days she is just that… our smiley little wonder who brings joy and smiles wherever she goes.

We are eager to share our now spookified garage with neighbors tomorrow and Ava is ready to wear her real costume. Pictures to follow soon.

Enjoy the weekend!