Our date night

So let me say date nights sure take on a different meaning when there is little time throughout the week to catch up on who is signing up the boys for basketball and has Carter done his reading homework and oh by the way it is so and sos birthday tomorrow.  So dates nights have on numerous occasions become business meeting for the Strobel family CEO and CFO. Last Saturday we had my Dad watching the boys for nearly four hours before he had to be to work at 9pm. We booked out of the house with my giant briefcase in tow. After a couple necessary errands we ended up in the bar area of Naya Restaurant. It is well lit, quiet and they were playing the Michigan game (what a comeback). We each ordered a cocktail and then unleashed all the energy we could muster on answering over a hundred pages of questions within our adoption paperwork. The questions are down right strange. We are asked to recall our own responses to foods as a child or interview someone in our family to ask them to recall our actions as youngsters. I mean for real… we are under a major financial crisis and we have political issues to discuss with family and friends, not our actions as children. We are trying to remain positive but the questions seem darn right silly. So as we are sitting in a bar writing at a feverish clip, an older couple leans over and says, “what are you two working so hard on?” We burst into laughter and explained our madness. Within minutes our server was back and they had offered to buy us a drink. Do you think they were acting out of pity? We are eager to complete the questions, but tomorrow night we are headed out for a real date night, no paperwork and no computer. Instead there will no doubt be much to discuss after tonight’s circus debate. 🙂


I started hauling out stuff from the back storage area of our basement. Now I consider myself to be somewhat organized but what has happened down there

is simply criminal. Stuff just accumulates and before you know it… Wow!

One of the things we discovered is that we have so many little boy shoes. I have an entire bin of shoes that need to be donated. While having dinner we started discussing where we could donate the shoes and Carter quietly asked, “Mom are there any little tiny shoes? ” “I think so, I responded, but why do you ask Carter?” “Well I thought we might want to save the tiny ones for the baby we will adopt.” It was precious! Bob was the first to respond with “We will probably need girl shoes Carter but that is such a nice thought.” Of course I will have no problem shopping for girl shoes… LOL!  Well said Carter and good answer Bob. :

Visiting her land

So here sits Hayden tonight, finishing up a good book. He looks up at me with the sweetest look and says, “Mom I need to talk to you about something I told my friends. I told them I would be going with you and Dad to Nepal.” Then there is a long pause… “I mean can’t you just find a sitter for Carter and Owen and then the three of us can go?” I chuckle outloud and then promptly apologize for laughing. Bless his little heart for caring so much about the process. He is concerned that he be able to see where “she ” is going to come from. He does not want to miss a defining moment in the life of our family. So far our agency is not real thrilled about adoptive parents bringing their children along for the gotcha day (or week).  What a tough thing for us to try and explain to Hayden, the oldest of our brood and a child with a heart that continues to honor people of the world who are less fortunate than he. Who wants to squelch such curiosity and caring. I can certainly see him fondly embracing his little sister. Can’t you?