Visiting her land

So here sits Hayden tonight, finishing up a good book. He looks up at me with the sweetest look and says, “Mom I need to talk to you about something I told my friends. I told them I would be going with you and Dad to Nepal.” Then there is a long pause… “I mean can’t you just find a sitter for Carter and Owen and then the three of us can go?” I chuckle outloud and then promptly apologize for laughing. Bless his little heart for caring so much about the process. He is concerned that he be able to see where “she ” is going to come from. He does not want to miss a defining moment in the life of our family. So far our agency is not real thrilled about adoptive parents bringing their children along for the gotcha day (or week).  What a tough thing for us to try and explain to Hayden, the oldest of our brood and a child with a heart that continues to honor people of the world who are less fortunate than he. Who wants to squelch such curiosity and caring. I can certainly see him fondly embracing his little sister. Can’t you?

Getting Started

We are jumping with excitement and joy!


After nearly two years of discussion, prayer and more 
discussion it is with tremendous joy in our hearts that we announce our intentions as a family to adopt a precious child from the beautiful country of Nepal!
To some of you this may come as a complete surprise, although most of you are aware that adoption has been heavy on our minds and hearts for some time now. We feel very fortunate to now be working with the very agency that we first contacted nearly 18 months ago when were were merely inquiring about the process and/or the country options. All God’s Children is a remarkable agency with a heartwarming story of how personal adoption shaped their family and lead them to help others choose adoption. Feel free to click on the link Adoption Agency to learn more.