Pouring into this guy…

Sometimes we are granted moments that take our breath away. I had one of those moments tonight as my six year old son and I began to dialogue about school on our way out for a date night after school conferences. For some time now we have been digging in to try and discover what is troubling him with school. Tonight it all came out and without sharing too much detail it was nothing earth shattering other than to say that he feels pressure to get things right and he is challenged with the reading and the writing assignments he is asked to do in class. His lower lip quivered as he finally opened up to me. I stopped the car and just tried to listen and reassure him that this too shall pass and that we are all in this together. He only allowed me to console him briefly but it felt like progress.

We are not helicopter parents but lately I have wanted to reach right in and fix the issues he feels in his young little heart. I know that is not my job or my place so I pray instead. I ask God for wisdom, patience and the words to say each time we get into a power struggle or a defiant moment about school. I pray unceasingly and this week I have been grateful for the 20% of the time we see regular old obedience and just plain fun pouring from our dear son’s heart. While in Atlanta last weekend I had the dearest lady pray for me and pray for Owen. We both need healing and confidence and obedience placed at the forefront of out hearts. All things are possible as long as we keep asking! My hope is that Owen knows now more than ever that he has a team on board to help meet his needs. We all want to work hard to reassure him, to praise him and more than anything to just love him for who he is not what he can do.

This week we saw small victories. We will focus on and run with those. Owen is such a delight and a silly force in our family and I wanted to share a few pictures just to showcase his contagious smile. He’s got soccer moves, crazy antics and dance moves that can bring all of us to our knees with laughter.  You are loved Owen and I am grateful to call you my son.