Random Connectedness…

I have so many random thoughts tonight… My cup runs full and my gratitude deep! Let me begin with the end of my day.

As I entered the AT&T store I could see several of  the employees starring at me. I knew why. I mean who leaves their  Mac on the counter and exits the store without a care? Yup, that would be me. I was in the store to have my phone fixed and had to leave to pick up kiddos from school. I was hustling out the door and never realized I could not find my laptop until a good hour or so later, duh. The wonderful man at the store called to ask if it was mine. I never heard the message before calling the store in a panic. Here is the funny part… When I asked how he knew to call me he said., “When you were here I could not help but notice your Africa necklace. Then when I opened up the computer there were all these pictures of little black kids (yes I was working on my sponsorship stuff today). Then I thought, I wonder if this belongs to the girl with the necklace who is connected to Africa.”  LOVE this. I started to chuckle and by the end of my second trip to pick up the computer we were sharing photos and I was telling this wonderful African American man all about Ethiopia. This is my life… The connections are everywhere.

Now back to earlier connections of the day… I have a friend who helped to soothe my soul in guiding me to get the trip to Ethiopia all set and the details off the ground and in full luanch mode.  Here comes the irony… this is the very week I declined a trip to Ethiopia so that I could say yes to the very vision that I had to help find sponsors for children through Children’s Hopechest. Does that sentence even make sense? Who knew that what was actually in store was a partnership to help create, promote and support a team of us headed to Ethiopia to love and serve in February. Further details are in the works but needless to say it was a miracle that so many details came together today. I just love when the dots are connected to form a more clear picture.

Lastly, there were connections with my children, teachers, neighbors and friends recently that leave me ready to fall asleep feeling saturated with gratitude for this life I get to live. The days are never easy and in this blog I tend to leave out the challenges I face or feel like the dead refrigerator that cost an arm and a leg today or the anger my son expressed last night when all three boys could not get it togther in the attitude department to take some fall family shots in our backyard… some days are tough and the demands and stakes feel high. But I do know this. Grace and comfort are surrounding us in more random ways than we could possible admit. Choose to see and choose to be filled with gratitude and you too will continue to find the beautiful dots that connect to form the days of your life!

Peace and Grace,