Returning to Korah

We needed goats to bring with us to Korah. We would be doing the slaughter with a little help from friends and feeding many people throughout the community. It would be a feast and a way for us to love and serve those who might go days with nothing more than rice or injera. Bebe was the main bargainer and you should have seen him jump right into the mix and barter the coast of four goats. The goats are lifted up by the front legs and then chosen. They were loaded into our van and we were off for our day of work and service in Korah.

Korah was wonderful for me. I saw so many faces that I had met in July. I was happy to return.  The poverty of Korah is gut wrenching at first. Turning off the main road and onto the very bumpy rock embedded streets you realize that you have entered a bit of a different world. Funny thing is… there is so much life going on all over Korah. It is a community of life in the midst of disease, hardship and even death. The trash dump is very near Korah and the daily arrival of trucks often provides a meal for one or even a meal for families. Soemtimes kids search for hours to find items they can sell for one or two birr, mere pennies. Many children wander all over the community of Korah. We based ourselves at Great Hope Church where children and many men and women with leprosy come to be cared for and fed each day. Many of the children have no where else to turn for food and it was obvious how much they desire  school and a daily purpose. Many children do attend school in the area but many do not due to lack of funds or food to sustain them. I met so many children who begged me to sponsor them. Sponsorship must be done through some sort of an organization such as Project 61 and for the time being there are no more spots available for children who wish to attend the boarding school called Shashemanae. Sponsorship is something that truly speaks to my heart I would love to become a sponsorship coordinator who can encourage others to sponsor specif needy children. I am praying for a way for that to happen and for several specific children I met during my time in Korah.

Here are a few photos of the children of Korah. They lead simple but often hard lives and frankly many just want you to sit near them and hold them, stroke their hair or talk with them. They want so badly to share their stories with an American and they do see us as helping hands. God help me to find ways to do more for those who have such great needs. How can we rescue more children from the dangerous lives of searching in the trash dump? How can we raise up more children to serve YOU by providing them with a purpose each day of learning and discipleship? Please God continue to shine your mercy upon the children of the world who lack food, clean water, parents and the knowledge of you as their savior and friend.

Here are the faces of the children who need us all to consider a mission trip… It may seem small and sometimes it feels like it is not enough as we return home, but for each child with whom we shared a prayer, a touch, a toy or a new item such as a toothbrush. For that child at that moment we made a difference in showing he or she that they are worthy of our time and love.

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