Searching for the Joy… {my holiday vent}

I love to work and have been working for as long as I can remember. I think I was 14 when I rode my bike 6 miles one way (not kidding)  to an ice cream shop owned by a friend of my Dads just for a summer job.  I have been working ever since. Thirteen years ago I gave up my career in Pharmaceutical Sales to be home as a Mom. I could never have known just how much work parenting our brood would be. There is never a day or even a series of hours where the word work does not spring to mind.

I love to work but here lately I have been saddenned by the work load and the lack of time to fully engage and engjoy the love and laughter of my children. I wish I knew how to change the beat a bit and we certainly wish there was a way to more fully enjoy parenting without the nonstop energy and workload of problem solving, reminding, lecturing (come on we can’t be the only ones) and monitoring. It is so often difficult to just be in the moment loving and interacting with our kids. There is the fighting, technology, mistakes, their wants, meals, laundry and so much more.  Feeling a bit defeated and less able to help child  X complete A B or C in a single bound.

Yesterday a dear friend and neighbor hosted a cookie exchange and I fought with wanting to go but feeling like I did not have the time. Sounds silly but the struggle is often one of time. How do we fit it all in and still find time to connect with full attention with those we love. I am so grateful for the  tow hours I took yesterday to go and share with other women, several of whom described the same feelings of defeat in this busy season. It was so healthy to put some of our stories right out there for others to see or hear. We women need to be in community sharing our stories and our hearts. It is who we are and often I find that the more I reach out and share pieces of some of our parenting struggles the more I realize that others need to be heard and share also. There was such energy and support  in talking with authenticity and celebrating the coming of Christmas with friends yesterday.  I left feeling full and hopeful, better equipped to take on the day. Thank you ladies and you know who you are.

Some seasons our children can be just plain difficult and we have no choice but to love them anyway. We love them through it. We reach out. We seek help. We ask for the support of others and we pray for insight nad solutions. This has not been an easy season but I am mindful that God will equip us as parents as we go. So the days click on, their are teacher gifts still left to prepare and final exams to help children prepare for. There are people to see, treats to be delivered and cards that still need to be addressed. Through it all we will fight to see the joy. We will fight to put the story of a baby, a King,  born into less than perfect comforts under a cloud of gossip who changed the world first. There was great joy in spite of the challenge. So find the joy and seek peace wherever and whenever you can find it this busy season.

Find the time, skip the perfect, look for others who might be enduring the same, squelch the gossip, love them anyway and search for the joy.

The beauty and joy of Christmas is truly without limit…