Seeking Prayers…

We’ve had a month where it feels that life has taken over and we are struggling to get up and over the stuff that keeps popping up in front of us each day. The last week or so we have been struggling to figure out what is going on with our son. He has had terrible abdominal pain and we are playing the game of ruling out one thing at a time. That is not how I typically roll and waiting is not my forte.  There are many things we know he does not have and while that is wonderful we are still living in the world of what the heck is it???  I am sharing this for a few reasons. So many of you who read and follow this blog are absolute prayer warriors and it is comforting for me and also for Hayden to know that many people, some we know and many we do not, are praying for him. The unknowns have been frightening and he is ready to be on the mend and back in action.

a favorite photo taken last fall…
she adores her big brother…

In addition to the unknowns with Hayden we continue to feel loads of anxiety with our other children. For whatever reason, meeting everyone’s needs lately has proved to be very challenging and we need grace and strength. We could use a little peace too. 🙂

Sometimes life deals blows that are not on our calendar, not in our plan and certainly not on the radar of life. All I know to do is ask God to continue to guide our days as parents. Provide us with the right doctors and the proper people in our village to do the best we can to meet everyone’s needs. Help us God to see you first in all things, taking ourselves out of the driver’s seat and allowing you to navigate our path.

Just had to keep it real today and thank you for reading and joining us in prayer.


2 thoughts on “Seeking Prayers…”

  1. “Sometimes life deals blows that are not on our calendar, not in our plan and certainly not on the radar of life.” Wow do I know this lately too…in spades. Your family is in my prayers. May God’s peace and healing be with you and your household!

  2. Praying for the Great Physician to heal your precious Hayden. Praying for extra grace for your family. Praying for Jesus to reach out His hand to you as He did to Peter when Peter began to sink when overwhelmed by the waves and wind. Praying.

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