She Stands…

This delectable little princess is such a little force. She is all over the house and her favorite new move is to stand up wherever she chooses. She loves to stand right up in the middle of the floor and just wait for the applause. She is the perfect performer, well trained on when to wait for the audience to respond. She is so stinkin confident and so proud of herself. Today she took a couple of steps and then sort of fell into me. She was all smiles. Her verbal skills are soaring and she babbles all day. So far her favorite and most common phrase is”uh oh.”  She uses it when it is very appropriate and makes us laugh as she shows such concern for anything spilled or messy. She is a hoot and her being here, safe, happy and flourishing stands for all things good and perfect. She is a delicious blessing.

3 thoughts on “She Stands…”

  1. she is so beautiful…can’t believe how big she is getting. oh she is gonna be into everything when she starts walking. hugs!!

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