She wears pink pants…

She wears pink pants and now runs throughout the house just like the boys as we all remind her not to bonk her head on the table.

She loves, and has for several months, shoes. She loves her shoes, my shoes and of course her Dad’s shoes. She darts to the mudroom and searches for her favorite pair and then demands we wear them. She even helps if they are not quite the right fit.

She is full of smiles. She smiles both with her bright eyes and her mouth and she has a variety of smiles that each seem to evoke a different response in people. We have never seen anything quite like it. It’s as if she has taken professional acting courses and she is not quite one and a half. Can you say trouble?

She is verbal. From the moment she wakes up she talks and talks saying blankie and reminding us that her diaper is WET (you must use a loud voice and  be sure to enunciate). She says go go go and hello while holding the  phone. She loves to say up and then point to down. She has a charming little voice that is until she decides to scream or throw a fit. Then you will not find a louder baby. She waves and chats with everyone she meets and loves to get right into the face of another little one her same size.

She is active, climbing the steps every minute she can, stomping her feet and swaying to all music. She even tries the skateboards found in our driveway when she can and the boys are convinced they could teach her if only I would say yes.

She is loving, rocking her baby and kissing her always. She loves to kiss us all and enjoys snuggling with her blanket. She is generally very gentle and loves others kissing on and snuggling her.

She is a charmer this baby girl and I am reminded each day to be grateful that adoption was placed on our hearts. Anything pink and cheerful suites this little one with the BIG personality. We love you precious Ava and always enjoy watching you live life out loud!