She’s Got Moves…

Every day it seems someone in our house is reaching a milestone or surprising us in some unique way. I wish I were better at getting them all jotted down sooner so that someday I will be able to look back and note the controlled chaos and the love I feel each day in our household of six. What I marvel at most often is how blessed we feel to have added Ava to our lives. Just tonight we all sat together having dinner and shaking our heads as we all had to practically yell to be heard since Ava was chatting her little head off. The girl just drools and coos and eats and yells and coos some more and we cannot hear one another share our stories of the day. Generally the dinner ends in laughter and one of us getting up from the table to remove Ava for some floor time. That’s right – she knows what she wants. She is quickly becoming a Yogi and Bob covets her flexibilty. No amount of P90X could help either of us to become as flexible as this little one and she pushes up into a full plank and just holds the pose many times a day. She has not quite grasped the notion that if she pulled her legs underneath her she could go like mad. I am not rushing her as I love this stage and have no interest in her moving all around the house just yet. I am working hard this fourth time through to not care a bit about what she could be doing but instead to enjoy each stage before it is gone.

The last few days the boys have been hopping off the bus and asking right away. “Is Ava with you?” Sometimes she is home napping while my Dad is here when I pick the boys up at the bus stop, but they are elated when they can jump in the car and love all over their baby sister. Hayden needs to submit a picture for our upcoming trip to Ethiopia and he asked me just tonight if I could find a photo of he and Ava. Carter and Owen- well they often argue who should be able to take a tub with Ava as they both love to help her float on her back. It is precious to see how much they embrace and love her. I know adoption is not everyone’s calling but lately I have been thinking that every child deserves such love. Every child deserves the attention, genuine concern and love that a family can bring. I hope our family will shine as a beacon of light unto those who may be considering adoption. Ava has blessed us and we are grateful for the joy she has brought to our home. Off to do a few sun salutations before a late night lights out.

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  1. Megan
    Megan says:

    It kind of freaks me out how much she resembles the little girl in my dreams. Those eyes draw me in – wow, such a doll! I love reading your updates and how much those boys have grown to love her {that took no time at all}.

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