Shine Your Light for the Glory of a Risen King…

I sat in church this morning moving back and forth between smiles and tears.

 The tears fell hard as we sang this song:

Shine your light and let the whole world sing… the lyrics just speak to me and all I could think about

was the deep love and rich changes that have happened in my life since my first trip to Ethiopia.

Take me as you find me all my fears and failures

I give my  life to follow everything I beleive in. Now I surrender.

I sat in awe worshipping a God who has shouldered my pain and given me a life I  never dreamed of. I sat thinking that in giving my life to others I have never felt so much has unexpectantly been given to me in return.  The tears fell because God continues to strip away my comforts so that I might see and know those whose needs are far greater. It is God’s doing and the passion I have to lead others to Ethiopia runs deep. Consider joining me to care for orphans and needy people in Ethiopia. Come alongside as we worship alongside those who need to good news of the cross. In additon you will be fillied by the deep faith and warmth of the Ethiopian people and the specatcular nuances of a very rich culture.

God is the author of salvation and for me that is more than enough proof that we must be doing more to reach all people who need love, compassion, dignity and respect. So many men, women and children wait for us to act. This Easter why not consider a radicial journey for yourself or someone else in your life?

 I was so encouraged as I listened to our pastor end his sermon almost shouring to us to go out into the world and to share the story.  Get out into our neighborhoods, workplaces, homes and city streets,  but do not forget that in many parts of the world the numbers of orphans, widowed and hurting people are staggering. Maybe you are being called to do more… I will be leading a team back to Ethiopia in February of 2013 and I would love to have you come along side me to shine your light for the wole world to see and hear. We are called to defend the poor and the fatherless  and why not make Easter Sunday the day you say yes! I partner with both One Child Campaign and Children’s Hopechest and the trip will be an authentic look into the tabgible ways to serve those in need in Ethiopia.

What are you waiting for? Message me with any questions at

Shine your light and let the whole world sing… For the glory of the risen KING!