I started hauling out stuff from the back storage area of our basement. Now I consider myself to be somewhat organized but what has happened down there

is simply criminal. Stuff just accumulates and before you know it… Wow!

One of the things we discovered is that we have so many little boy shoes. I have an entire bin of shoes that need to be donated. While having dinner we started discussing where we could donate the shoes and Carter quietly asked, “Mom are there any little tiny shoes? ” “I think so, I responded, but why do you ask Carter?” “Well I thought we might want to save the tiny ones for the baby we will adopt.” It was precious! Bob was the first to respond with “We will probably need girl shoes Carter but that is such a nice thought.” Of course I will have no problem shopping for girl shoes… LOL!  Well said Carter and good answer Bob. :

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  1. bart and sara
    bart and sara says:

    I still have your backpack baby carrier that you let me borrow for Bren… so I’ll get it to you soon so you can add that to your “pile” of baby equipment in the basement! 🙂 You will be needing it again soon enough! 🙂

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