Six weeks of waiting

You are growing and we cannot be there to see you. You are changing, learning, developing and we are wishing we could somehow be with you to hold and nurture you. Around here we are talking about you every day and the boys always refer to you as “their baby.” I love hearing them chat about you and tonight in bed Owen was speaking your Ethiopian name with the sweetest little voice. You are here with us everyday even though you are an ocean and a continent away. You are in our thoughts always. You are in the thoughts of those in our community. You are on the hearts of family and friends who have patiently followed our journey to you. We pray for you and now we are preparing for you. We have lots to do to get ready for a darling little princess around here. Tonight we watched the most precious gotcha video and the boys could not stop remarking that soon that will be us. Just getting to you is our first big step. We need to hold you and whisper all that life has in store for you once you are home with us where you belong. The waiting is awful but I prayerfully trust that the Special Mothers are meeting your every need. I know they are loving you and that gives me some peace. It won’t be long now and we will have our first travel date. Bring it on!

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  1. MamaMimi
    MamaMimi says:

    I'm gonna cry. It sounds torturous, but all worth it. Hang in there, I'm sure some day we'll both look back and think of how fast the whole process went. Hopefully. 😉

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