So what’s next

This week we finish up our dossier and a million signatures all needing to be notarized. We send the dossier which includes the home study to AGCI in Portland for their review. Nepal is a very picky program so everything will be 

carefully scrutinized to be certain all information matches up. Next AGCI will submit the entire packet to the Ministry of Nepal. Then we wait and wait and wait. We really do not have any idea how quickly this new Nepali process will go. The Ministry of Nepal process’ the info and they seek out the child best suited for our family based upon our request. From there we will receive a referral. This will include a picture and whatever background and medical history they have on the child. Then we work with an international pediatrician to rule out any health issues. We will have two weeks to accept or deny the referral. From the acceptance of the referral we will have approximately four weeks before we must travel to pick her up. The in country stay will be 7-10 days while we complete immigration paperwork and obtain a Visa for her to exit Nepal and enter the USA. So that’s the process from this point on all subject to change of course 🙂