Soccer Weekend in TC…

I am longing for time to write. I’m even longing for time to stand still. Our little lady is already one month into three and Tadesse actually drove himself to and from school today. Hayden was a guest player during a soccer tournament over the weekend and his soccer shorts were looking a bit like short shorts. Carter and Owen are moving in the right direction and many of the spring clothes hanging in their closets made me chuckle when I recall how they all fit fine in the fall. Time is flying and in nine days the school year will end. GULP!  May is proving to be the new month of hustle and bustle and with three boys playing soccer and the end of school wrap up of music programs, projects and academic plans for this summer and next year I have found little time to do any more than just barely get through the days.  Around here we are battling allergies and mosquitos yet loving our time outdoors to bask in the sun, pull weeds and  reconnect with friends and neighbors who we rarely saw during the long winter. Here is a little peek into what we have been up to. Last weekend we were up north and the boys played ten soccer games in two days. Ava was a super trooper and between two hotel rooms, two large coolers, the radio flyer and help from many families we were able to be a part of all the games. It was a lovely family weekend and while the soccer was good, watching forty plus kids of all ages interact on the beach at our hotel each night was for most the highlight.


Instagram how I love you…



Peace and Grace,



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