Soup for the soul…

We are in full fall swing around her and our last few weeks have brought colds for me, Daddio and Ava. We thought we were over the hump until middle brother, Carter, woke up yesterday morning not feeling himself. I was mother of the year and allowed him to veg in front of the TV nearly all day. We rarely watch TV around here so save for a nap, Carter was in heaven.  We are now hoping we do not go through another fun round of sickness. Last week Ava was so congested I made her chicken soup and absolutely howled as I watched her work so hard to figure out how to get noodles onto her spoon and then into her mouth. We have had a gorgeous stretch of summer temps so we enjoyed all the moments we could out on the front porch, baking away the germs. Here she is working the spoon… most of the soup made it no further than her shirt.


 Please note her groovy cup from the Created for Care retreat.

What? My face is a mess?

 If I smash this spoon to my nose perhaps I can get a bit more soup down…

Finally she mastered the easy way…

Stay healthy this fall!

Peace and Grace,


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