Sponsor a Child…{change a life for one}

How would you like to change the life of a child who waits for you and for me? Sponsorship is an amazing way to help an indivudual child by providing essentials neccessary for a healthful life such as food, water, clothing, medical needs, mentorship and dicipleship. In addition sponsorship provides those who are most vulnerable with the opportunity to receive an education, which of course is key to escaping a life of grinding poverty. An education provides hope and brings a future to those who may just grow up to become future leaders of their own country.

I have seen the faces. I have held the orphaned and the lonely.  I have listened to the harrowing stories of children who go without food, water, medical attention and of course school.  I know such children by name. In Ethiopia the numbers are overwhelming… four and a half million children are orphaned and/or at risk, just trying to survive, as Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Do not however let this overwhelm you… We can all do something and to the one child you choose to help, you are big enough!

 We have partnered with Children’s Hopechest to sponsor 150 needy children. Sponsorship is $34 a month and matches an orphaned or destitute child in Ethiopia with a family here in the United States. Children’s Hopechest staff members on the ground in Ethiopia meet with the kids monthly to provide mentorship, counseling and Christian discipleship. Families are able to communicate frequently through letters and the letters are delivered by the Hopechest staff within a few weeks of being recieved.

I have watched the sheer joy of a child when he or she receives mail from their sponsors. It is life changing for the children to know that half way around the world they are loved, honored and celebrated. The best part of the Chapa connect sponsorship is that at least once a year I will be traveling with a team {perhaps the team will include you} to Awassa, Ethiopia to personally love and serve the Chapa community. We will be able to send small care packages to our children and develop lasting bonds with the children to forever impact and grow their lives.

If you wish to sponsor a child please contact me at grstrobels@sbcglobal.net and let me know if you prefer a boy or a girl. I will then send you information on the child with directions on how to register as that child’s sponsor.

I cannot wait to hear how the gift of sponsorhsip changes your life and the life of a child in need. Thank you!

“Live simply so that others may simply live” -Mother Teresa

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