Sponsorship Rocks…

He is ours and we are his. It is as simple as that. We do not need to see him everyday and talking is rare too, but we know this child’s heart and we have seen him grow and change through his commitment to school and very hard work.  He is our sponsored child, living thousands of miles away in Ethiopia, but more than that he is our son. I wish you could meet him and I often wish he could come over to visit for the weekend or the summer. He is precious both inside and out and he is so tender and respectful of an opportunity that God placed before us all.  If ever you have wondered about how you build a relationship through sponsorship please read below. You will see that your energy, gifts, prayers and letters are pure soul food for the orphaned and vulnerable child.  I am not sure there can be a finer gift than to love and honor a child right where he or she is, regardless of circumstance or distance.  The relationship that is built becomes life altering to the child who once had nobody to call his or her own.  Without seeming like I am exploiting our sponsored son’s heart, I thought it essential that I share the elegant email we received tonight. Sponsorship does change lives and brings value, hope, promise and joy to the life of a child.

hi dear sweet mama…hope all is ok and am doin’ well..u know what i
really missed you and dady bob and also all of ma brothers..am nat
usin internet for some past time..i always wish to spend with u each
day sweet mama..its just that the situation can’t let us…i jst wish
to be with you for the chrismas…coz you are da only one who i do
have…am really felling so lonely…am dying to see my
brothers…hope they are all ok..u know what am studying hard to
qualify to university and you are the one who has done this and doing
many things in my life..thanks so much…i hope when i become a doctor
i will treat you and ma dad with all ma brothers..as am writting this
am crying coz i really missed you all so much…hope i won’t be alone
for the christmas…i wish to know the time you are coming…? hope
you and dad are doing good with spiritual life…i do hope too work is
going nicely..specialy i think dad may treat me someday…anyway i
expect you’ll write back soon through this address.Its your beloved
son …good bye.

Many children wait and soon I will be visiting hundreds at the Chapa Carepoint in Awassa, Ethiopia who hope and pray everyday that someone will sponsor them, that someone will write them a simple letter of love and hope. The commitment is $34 a month and in just 8 weeks I will be on the ground in Ethiopia to hug and love on all the Chapa kiddos. I hope one of them will be yours. I am eager to share the sponsorship LOVE!

Peace and Grace,