Today’s spring breeze makes me mindful of all that we should be thankful for. As we drive to and from our activities, practices and school, etc it is impossible not to notice the trees in full bloom. They are spectacular and I am always amazed how long we wait to see the flowering trees at their peak.  We wait all year through many chilly days to see nature take over and the trees to do their magical thing. We patiently wait for the grass to green up and the frogs to surface. At our house we wait for the leaves to fill in the forest and the Shrek Swamp behind our house to become a fuzzy shade of bright green.
Spring schedules bring fresh sports and the wrapping up of all things learned within the school year. There is spring sing at school and the planning of field day. Kids are running track and the choice between baseball and soccer is a tough one. Spring is such a season of renewal and anticipation of the lazy days of summer. We are waiting for the days to be long and the air to be hot. We wait on the absence of structure and the rules of homework and bedtime to fly out the window. Spring is the most amazing time of year and I never want to forget running out of the house without mittens and coats, leaving the screened- in porch door open, the sounds of ten kids playing soccer in our front yard and the smell of fresh woodchips that sit for days in our driveway until we can carve out time to get them all spread. 
So here are a few recent photos that scream spring. I am grateful to witness the changes in seasons and I am grateful for my love of photography so that I am able to capture a few rare moments in time in the lives of my precious children. We wait for you little baby girl and we know that someday you too will love the beauty of spring!