Summer’s Beauty {Post 4}

It was nearly ten o’clock and he should have been sleeping but instead we were both busting a gut as I listened to my son describe his favorite part of the day… “Mom it was so much fun. We called it the getting tied to a tree tournament.  Wanna hear my strategy?” he asks.   “First I would hold my hands in prayer position like this while they tied my hands very tight….”

This story went on and on until we were both giggling hard. His description was priceless and all I could do was to marvel at the opportunities my children have in just being home and without busy schedules during some of our summer days. They love to be outside with all their neighborhood buds. Obviously what they find to do is better than most planned activities that this mamma could find.

This is my first summer with four kiddos home each day and I am finding all my usual things I am able to do to be nearly impossible with all the bustle in our neighborhood. SO for now I will simply post what and when I can and do my very best to capture our beautiful summer days.

I am grateful for healthy children, outdoor children {man they love to be outdoors and with three loud and active boys, thank God}, weekends when we have two parents home all day, new church opportunities, a planned day to take my kids to pack boxes with Feeding America, friends who listened and shared as we dug deep into crazy family stories over the weekend, fun with cousins, glorious frogs singing at night, thunderstorms, my Dad showing the boys how to better their swim strokes, Father’s Day celebrations, hearing my six year old read on his own, circus training, Ava’s quick steps across the floor, receiving a letter from our sweet Tadessa in Ethiopia, my kids asking if we can adopt Tadessa and my husband who is the most loving husband and steady father a family could ask for. So much to be thankful for as summer is finally underway…