Summer’s Beauty {post 6}

Summer days surely are meant to be treasured. For those of us from the North well we do not take summer days for granted. We go many months around here without seeing the sunshine and then come July and August we typically have humid hot days since we are surrounded by the HOMES {… that’s the Great Lakes}. This past few days have been so splendid, worthy of doing everything possible outside from sun up to sundown. There has been little humidity and very few bugs… such a gift.

This week our oldest is away at camp and we have no doubts that he is having the best adventures. Last year he went for a week without knowing a soul but this year his good friend was eager to go so they are together basking in the beauty of a stunning camp. We have spent the weekend at the camp as a family and it is truly a favorite place. I kept asking my son during drop off if he wanted me to stay. It would be great fun to have a mother son weekend just to show all the boys what their mommas are made of. We could do ropes courses, skate parks and even the zip line and watch all the boys marvel at their mommas. 🙂  Hayden was keen on my heading home and it was nice to see him feeling comfortable at the camp now that he has been there a few times.  It is a christian camp and last year he shared that it was life changing. I love the mentors and counselors at the camp and it feels so important as he is growing to have him see Christian teens and young adults walking and living out their faith. I have prayed for him this week to see God and feel God all around him in all that he does. The camp believes that adventure is a way to reach children and helps them to better understand that they can do all things in Christ who strengthens them.

I had to be swift in capturing this photo of Hayden looking back at me as he was off to his campsite.

Our middle son has been doing a day camp this week which allowed me to pour time into Owen and Ava.  Yesterday Owen took us to the zoo and I mean that literally. He took such ownership in helping me get us ready to head to the zoo. He was helpful with packing up a cooler and also helped in making sure we all had sunblock. You do not even want to know what I used on Ava’s legs. I turned them a strange grey color  and big brother Owen was freaking out. Owen was eager to push the stroller and even reminded me to bring the camera. It was refreshing to see him in action.  The animals were active and Ava was taken with the chimps on the move and the bears bathing in their pool. People were taken with Ava and I found myself sharing our adoption story with several curious families.

here's the beetle similar to the one that landed on Owen's leg while in Costa Rica...

checking out the bears as the hopped out of their pool...

do you see the bear momma?

It was another glorious summer day and I was grateful for the time to just hang with my two babes at the zoo!

Here’s to a week filled with gratitude for the beauty of summer days…