Sweet words shared with a friend…

Our Carter, age nine, has been enjoying making new friends this year and asks almost daily if he can invite another new friend over to our house. Nevermind that there are almost always 6 kids to choose from in my driveway. He loves the making of new friends. Finally we had a night void of any practices or school meetings so I surprised Carter by emailing his new friend’s mother and asking if he might join us for the evening. Carter of course was elated upon hearing the news after school.

The boys all played and enjoyed one of the many amazing fall evenings we have been having. When the boys all come in for dinner, I noticed John (the friend) looking at Ava several times in her highchair. I realized they had not been introduced so I start with a basic explaination about Ava, her age and of course I had to clue John in on just how loud Ava is during meal time. Then the most precious moment happened.

Carter got up from the table and headed to the bulletin board. He pulled down a favorite picture of our dear Tadessa who lives in Ethiopia.

“John this is Tadessa and he is like our brother only he lives in Ethiopia. That is where Ava was born, “says Carter. I choke back tears and instead burst into a big smile. “Tadessa used to have to survive near a garbage dump but now he goes to school and has one meal a day because we send him money. Jon’s eye’s widen and he asks a few questions. Next I see him deep in thought and he finally says. “Wow Mrs. Strobel, you guys have a lot of kids!”

Yes we sure do, and we love them all. There is little Eyoub at Kolfe and Brehani and Aster who live in Addis Ababa and of course there is Helen and her brother Habtamu who we pray for regularly. These children will never come to live in our home but they do live in our hearts.

In addition, there are now my Chapa children, at least 100, who attend the Carepoint (like a school facility) looking for a meal, mentor ship and education each day. These children have big dreams just like the children we are raising. They are little people who need our love and support through letters and prayers and perhaps even a visit. We know that investing in a child brings hope and a future! Here are some of their sweet faces. Please let me know if there is a child shown here who speaks to your heart. We can change the world one child at a time…

four year old Belela


four year old Merihun


four year old Engito

Peace and Grace,




2 thoughts on “Sweet words shared with a friend…”

  1. I would have cried right there at the table. I absolutely love hearing our girls tell others about adoption and sponsorship!!

    Can you e-mail me about Belela? :O)

  2. I don’t see my comment, so I’m commenting again in case your blog got hungry and ate it :O).

    Aww, I would have cried right there at the table! I love hearing our girls tell others about adoption and sponsorship!

    Can you e-mail me privately about Belela?

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