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Well I tried to post one of the weekly updates we receive from our agency just to make everyone laugh.It didn’t quite work. Perhaps we are the only ones who can truly appreciate the humor. This process and Nepal as an adoptive country is just so darn confusing.

After submitting our dossier we were then told to begin working on the I 600 A(also known as the I171H) form which goes to the Department of Homeland Security where we will be approved or denied the ability to obtain a Visa to bring our Nepali daughter to the US. Interestingly enough, I have a friend going through the same process with a different agency who completed this form months ago before the dossier was submitted. So we went to work getting the birth certificates and marriage license and all the other goodies required to get the form submitted. It is now in and again we wait! 

We now begin to wonder how long we wait before we begin to “get ready?” How does one get ready when the timeline feels a bit endless?  We have a very strong faith that this journey to our daughter is in God’s hands, but it is so hard to find the patience and the courage to wait. We are all getting eager to just see a picture of who she is. The next step should be a referral from our agency which will include learning who she is and being able to view her health records.  After receiving the referral we have two weeks to have an international pediatrician review her records and then we must accept or decline. How odd that statement is. She is waiting for a family and we are waiting for her. We cannot wait to accept her with arms and hearts wide open.  
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    What a journey you are all on! We are honored to be a part of it through your posts and through our conversations in person (albeit sporadic and brief as that is the season we are in as parents!). Our prayers are with you as you travel the twists and turns that ultimately lead you to the joy of your daughter. Peace and blessings along the way.
    Love, The Feyens

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