The Start of Something New… and a must see video

It’s Friday. It’s late and it’s finally quiet around here. It has been a marathon week of keeping up with day to day activities, friends who truly needed a listening ear and of course all the many things on the heart of my children. In between there has been flying solo while my better half was away fishing and relaxing with his Dad and brother, Halloween celebrations and making new friends at a MOPS fundraiser at church. It was a week of fun but a week etched for one big reason…

On Wednesday I took my seven year old son to the nearby music store to rent a violin. He has been begging us for many weeks to play and it is as if there is this force inside that is driving him.  I’ve  never seen anything like it and realized upon returning home that he is truly serious in his quest to play the beautiful instrument. He never made it in the house and instead carefully yet quickly pulled his new love from her case and began to play for the neighborhood kids playing in our yard. He plucked and squeaked and rocked the bow from side to side.  He has never had a lesson in his life but he played it with such enthusiasm that the sounds almost became a heartfelt melody.  Fortunately we have our first date with his new violin instructor this week because he asks daily when he will get to begin to play for real. He has been delightful to watch him play and even more delightful to watch him care for his new beauty. He is precious in his care.

What God showed me this week through my observations of  dear Owen is this… When we feel the urge or the call to begin something new we should dive in, step up and step out even if we do not understand the hows, the what fors and whys.  You see we have no idea why Owen’s soul is truly being lead to the violin. We do not know how he will do as he begins to learn and we do not have the luxury of always understanding all of the outcomes before we begin. His interest may fizzle and perhaps after a solid try he will move onto something else but I will say this drive to play seems to be coming from his heart and from his soul. Over the past few weeks I have watched my seven year old feel a drive and a passion that so many of us wish we could act on.  I love that his little heart is eager for all the right reasons (he listed 7) and I found his anticipation resonating with me as I feel daily like I am meant to travel to Ethiopia to give back and learn more about a country that has given me so much. Like little Owen I want to have the courage and the tenacity to step out and have faith that my choices are ordained through careful listening and frequent prayer.  I am stepping out of my comfort zone and onto the front lines to show compassion, justice and love for those who need me (us) most in Ethiopia. What is most intriguing about this beginning for me is that I have felt lead to bring others alongside for the journey. I want you to join me and I believe as you read this that you may in fact already know who you are.  If that is the case you’d better file for a passport, dust off your suitcase and prepare for the journey of your life. Together we will start something new…

Here is Owen on the front lawn… Let him be your inspiration to simply begin. Begin with a prayer that this Febrauary you are meant to change the life for at least one. Begin with research and educate yourself on why Ethiopia is such an important place to Be the change one street child, one orphan, one widow at a time…

If you have checked out the details of our February trip you will see that we will be working with the One Child Campaign on the ground in Ethiopia. Please check out the start of something new for the One Child Campaign. I can imagine this will be on our trip agenda, meeting the precious Alem and many of the women who now have safety, hope and dignity as a part of the Alem House Community. To learn more please visit

The Alem House from One Child Campaign on Vimeo.

Peace and Grace this weekend,




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