The Strobel Family

405695337550c26ba88b9afc77a8c2048f29c01Once upon a time a boy and a girl met in seventh grade and became fast friends who would remain very close all throughout high school and then attend rival colleges. The rest is history and now 20 years and many ups and downs later we are committed to serving the lease of these throughout the world and right here in our own community.  

What we know is that God used our first trip to Ethiopia in 2010 to launch a great mission in our hearts. The adoption of our precious daughter awakened our eyes to the plight of the orphan and the call of the underserved.  So today we seek to give back, helping the one through our partnerships and support of holistic ministries and organizations in place in Ethiopia and beyond.

Join us.

4 thoughts on “The Strobel Family”

  1. Beautiful story, beautifully told.
    Thank you for listening to God and acting on His promptings.
    It’s a joy to see.

  2. Hi Melanie!!
    I met you and your beautiful Ava today. I love how God works. In the middle of what’s been a very tough few weeks caring for our aging parents He put you in front of me to show me an opportunity to serve. I told you about my daughters love for another little girl who came from Ethiopia last year and her wish to do mission work there. She has begged me to adopt and my heart saw the sponsor program on your web-site which may be the perfect solution for us.
    I always believe God crosses my path for a reason. I look forward to what God’s plan is with our crossing.
    I will be in touch soon after I share more with my family.

  3. Hello Melanie!
    I remember a brief conversation with you early in your adoption journey. I found an old email exchange that has led me to your wonderful blog. I am happy to see your smiling daughter’s face and read about the daily joys of parenting your entire brood.
    I hope our paths cross again as I would love to see where your journey leads your family.
    Take care!
    Terri Mielock-Williams

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