The weight of knowing…

I carry a heavy weight each day and wonder what I am supposed to do with the knowledge I have and the images I have seen. I mean what can I possibly do or say to make a difference in lives so tattered and torn by war and famine?  After all shouldn’t I be more concerned about what is happening in my own backyard? My country is in the middle of a debt crisis beyond compare. We are living right now with tremendous economic instability, and most of us are wondering if the show will go on without impacting our lives too much. The images below are unsightly and I know some might ask why I look at such things. Some may wonder why my heart is so torn and so broken. The questions are valid and the answers are deep. I simply cannot just live my easy life without caring. Globalization and technology has made it possible to now know and I feel the only way to lessen my own heavy heart is to share what I know with others.

There are few answers to the largest humanitarian crisis we have seen for some time but we all still need to care. We need to educate, we need to ask governments and media proper questions. Why does the crisis in East Africa receive so little attention? Are the images too difficult for us to take in? What can we do to force governments to open up the aid to the wore torn regions of Somalia? I do not have answers, only questions. One thing we all can do is pray. We can ask God for his mercy on a people suffering from hunger and pain. We can pray for government leaders to do more and we can pray for those still committing atrocities on Africa soil to have their hearts softened. We must rely on God for the answers and the help and we must not stop viewing the images and asking what can we do? Make me your vessel God… help me to ask the questions, help me to encourage others to give and to pray!

I do not mean to compare issues but to look at the images of those starving puts so much of the rhetoric I listen to everyday into perspective. I know we are living in fearful times of losing it all and ending up with an America that may never again look like the America we have always known but I must say that no matter what we as Americans have the most to give. We have the most to lose and we have the most resources and energy to share.

The time is now. Many children are counting on us and God is too…

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